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Pamako High Phenolic: A World-Class Olive Oil Brand

Pamako High Phenolic: A World-Class Olive Oil Brand

Meet Pamako

Welcome to the world of Pamako, where a recently founded company in 2014 has been guided by a passion for pure organic extra virgin olive oil and a desire to marry centuries-old traditions of olive oil production with 21st-century technology. Pamako is the brainchild of a young entrepreneur, Eftihis Androulakis, who, with the support of his family and partner, Dorothea Ritter, has created a brand that combines tradition with cutting-edge technology to produce a truly premium extra virgin olive oil.

Preserving Traditional Methods

Pamako has a deep respect for traditional methods of sustainable organic cultivation and processing. Every step of the production process is carefully managed to ensure the best possible outcome, from the careful cultivation of olive trees to the meticulous harvesting and pressing of the olives. By integrating these time-honored techniques, Pamako creates an olive oil that is exceptional in both taste and quality.

The Influence of Nature

Pamako's journey began in a rocky, mountainous area adorned with ancient olive trees that have stood for hundreds of years. This breathtaking landscape provided the ideal setting for the cultivation of olives that would eventually become Pamako's world-class extra virgin olive oil. Throughout the process, the team at Pamako has always remembered the advice of their grandfathers: "Respect the trees, look after them, and they will richly reward you with their fruits." This philosophy serves as the foundation for their commitment to producing the highest quality olive oil with all of its health benefits intact.

Certified Health Claim

Pamako's dedication to excellence is exemplified by its certification of a health claim on its label, in accordance with EU regulation 432/2012. This esteemed recognition sets Pamako apart from other olive oils worldwide, as it signifies the exceptionally high amounts of phenols found in their olive oil. These potent antioxidants contribute to the health benefits and distinctive characteristics of Pamako's extra virgin olive oil.

Experience Pamako's World-Class Excellence

For those seeking an extraordinary culinary experience, Pamako's extra virgin olive oil is a true delight. From the moment you uncork the bottle, the captivating aroma transports you to the sun-soaked groves of Greece. As you savor each drop, you will be greeted by a harmonious balance of flavors—fruity, peppery, and buttery notes dance across your palate, leaving a lasting impression. Pamako elevates every dish it touches, whether drizzled over a fresh salad, used in marinades, or enjoyed simply with a piece of crusty bread.


Pamako extra virgin olive oil stands as a world-class brand, blending tradition and technology to create an exceptional product. With a commitment to sustainable organic cultivation, a deep connection to nature, and a certification of its health claim, Pamako sets the standard for excellence in the olive oil industry. Experience the taste, quality, and health benefits of Pamako as you embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the rich heritage and vibrant flavors of Greece.

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