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Omfakion - Polyphenol Rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml (8.45 Fl.Oz)

Omfakion - Polyphenol Rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml (8.45 Fl.Oz)

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Omfakion - Polyphenol Rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml (8.45 Fl.Oz) 

Type: Early Harverst, Health Claim, High Phenolic, Blend

Region: Lakonia - Peloponnese - Greece 

Variety: Koroneiki & Kalamon Blend

Harvest: 2021/2022

Method: Handpicked

Producer: Sparta Spirit 








The "omfakion" (juice from unripe olive fruit) arose from our desire to offer a special product with strong health protective action.

It's a great blend of Koroneiki and Kalamon olives, very rich in polyphenols and antioxidants (EU Health Claim 432/2012).

We ensure maximum quality and taste by applying best practices such as:
- Same-day oiling of the fruit with a kneading time of less than 30mins without the addition of water
- Maxalation temperature <27⁰C and storage in stainless steel tanks with nitrogen gas supply at a constant temperature of 14⁰C.

The product is addressed to all consumers who wish to include its beneficial effect in their daily lives.

The special packaging contains a dispenser so that the consumer measures the recommended intake of 10ml per day

Beneficial Compounds of Omfakion


It inhibits the action of cancer cells while preventing their metastasis

Prevents the development of neurodegenerative diseases (eg Alzheimer's)

It has an anti-inflammatory effect similar to ibuprofen


It acts against the oxidation and destruction of red cells

Helps treat atherosclerosis

Protects cells from ageing

Significantly reduces the risk of ischemic stroke

Ligstroside Aglycone

It has a negative effect on the growth and metastasis of breast cancer cells

Oleoropein Aglycone

It prevents and slows down the progression of Type-2 Diabetes

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Weight  0.5 kg

Net Weight 250 ml

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