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About Us

The olive tree is a treasure for the Greek people. The production of quality olive oil was a tradition for our family. Our grandfather Christodoulos Athanasiou Roumeliotis back in 1931, graduating from the agricultural school in Paramythia, Ioannina, sets quality as a primary goal for the olives and olive oil he produces. For me personally, his grandson is an inspiration, following his guidelines, incorporating the latest knowledge and technology. This is ELAiKOS, a true, early harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced from healthy green olives. 

Our Place

Our place Nea Peramos is a sea side village on the North Aegean coast in Northern Greece near Kavala city.  It is a very popular destination for all season vacation, especially for summer. A protected gulf, low hills end up to sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.

Since 2013 our ELAiKOS extra virgin olive oil succeed to make our region known also as a place where produced one of the best olive oils. We believe that the most important parameter for a quality olive oil, above “blessed places”, “microclima”, “varieties” etc., is the procedure and practices we follow in the olive groves, in the olive mill and finally storage. 

People cultivate olive trees and wine grapes in these territories in the area from ancient times. In modern Greece, relatively small properties are the norm due to successive fragmentation for dowry.

Our Quality

In our family business we do not mix olive oils! "ELAiKOS selection BLEND" is produced from olives collected from multivarietal family's estates, which consist of olive trees of different varieties, as planted by the grandfather. During the harvest, we do not separate the fruit by variety, but the harvested fruit from the whole estate with its different varieties, is crushed in the olive mill, just as it was collected in the olive groove. ELAiKOS selection BLEND consists of 70%variety of Halkidiki, 20% variety of Thassitiki, and 10% of various varieties such as Koroneiki, Konservolia-Amfisis, Manaki, Kalamon.

However, we also cultivate some olive grooves which consist entirely of a single olive variety. From these estates we produce "ELAiKOS selection MEGARITIKI" a 100% Megaritiki variety, "ELAiKOS selection THASITIKI" a 100% Thasitiki variety, "ELAiKOS selection KORONEIKI" a 100% Koroneiki variety, “ELAiKOS selection Picual” a 100% Picual variety.

The Certificate Test, also for this year's extra virgin olive oil ELAiKOS, confirms our expectations for a high quality olive oil, a product of our own region Nea Peramos - Kavala. 

2013 and every year since then, our ELAiKOS evoo meets the specifications of the EU regulation 432/2012 concerning the health claim on olive oil polyphenols

Olive oil polyphenols contribute the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress in the context of a varied and balanced diet

Τhe beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 20 g of olive oil

The chlorophyll in our unripe olives gives our oil its bright green colour and a high level of antioxidants. In addition, ELAIKOS oil contains all the vitamins and pro-vitamins of oil, minerals and poly phenols which protect cells from oxidative stress, active oxygen and free radicals. 

In recent years’ research has been done on non-pharmaceutical treatments to combat dementia with the supply of early harvest extra virgin olive oil.

Also has been found that extra virgin olive oil reduces blood pressure, aid digestion and delay the ageing process of our organs and tissues. It also plays an important role in the development of our brains with its high vitamin E content.

Olive Grove

We apply various cultivation practices for tree crops in order to find means of mitigating and adapting to climate change, through the increase of carbon sequestration by soils, and reduction of greenhouse gases emissions. 

For example, cutting the grass in the farm with a mower, and recycling pruning of the trees as mulch and nutrition material, contribute to long-term “storage” of carbon dioxide in the soil in the form of an increasing percentage of organic matter, improving fertility (e.g. by better retention of water and fertilizers) and reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions.

Olive Mill 

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