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Olive Oil groves in Greece

Producer | Hellenic Fields

In 2012, two childhood friends, Nikolas Filippidis and Giorgos Moforis, decided to join forces in a new, common professional course and to establish in Ancient Scilloudia, next to Ancient Olympia, the place that gave birth to the Olympic Games, Hellenic Fields.

Their common purpose is to promote a unique, nutritionally rich treasure of taste, olive oil. With deep knowledge of traditional techniques, combined with modern ecological and sustainable practices and continuous quality control, they created a range of unique products. They work themselves with dedication at all stages of production, from cultivation to standardization, certifying the quality of Hellenic Fields olive oils.

Inspired by the power of the Greek land, they follow with commitment to the principles of organic farming and respect for the balance of nature, an Integrated Management System, remaining true to their core values: sustainability, superior quality, high nutritional value and unique taste.

They take care of each olive grove with the required, unique in each case, approach, adapting to their requirements, in order to avoid diseases and the use of unnecessary fertilizers or medicines. Each product “ena ena” is rich in nutritional value, unique in taste and aroma and completely free from any harmful substance.

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