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Klea Olive Oil Ceramic gift idea

Klēa Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Handmade Ceramic Bottle (16.90 Fl.Oz)

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Type: Organic, Monocultivar, Gift Idea

Origin: North Greece, Chalkidiki 

Variety: 100% Hondrolia

Harvest: 2023/24

Producer: Klea Premium Goods


Fruity: Bitter: Spicy: 





"Klēa" comes from the ancient Greek word "kleos" - meaning "glory".

Introducing an exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil crafted from the rare Hondrolia variety grown exclusively in the enchanting peninsula of Halkidiki. Aptly named "Halkidiki's Finest," this exceptional olive oil owes its superiority to the delicate hue of its leaves, echoing the pristine waters that grace the region's coastline.

Handpicked with precision in November, only the finest olives from the groves are selected for extraction. Utilizing traditional methods, the olives are swiftly processed within hours of harvest, ensuring optimal freshness and preserving the nuances of flavor. 

Ceramic Bottle: Ancient Greek "Alabastron"

Clay is considered to be the best material for preserving the olive oil's quality. Klea's hand made ceramic bottle is inspired by the "abalastron" bottle which dates back to 600 BC. It was used in Ancient Greece by the most affluent people as a vessel for olive oil or other essential oils so that they could maintain their aroma

Food Pairing
Klēa's Early Harvest boasts a delightful fruity aroma, coupled with balanced bitterness and pungency. This unique combination renders it ideal for enhancing the ingredients in your culinary creations, or for creating a delightful contrast by accentuating the olive and its inherent complexity.
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