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OLITHEA - Product of the Month!

OLITHEA - Product of the Month!

Meet "Olithea" Extra Virgin Olive Oil!
For this month we choose "Olithea" a limited premium extra virgin olive oil that is produced exclusively from the rare "Lianolia" variety in Corfy - an island in the Ionian Sea known for its cosmopolitan Old Town, spectacular sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes. 
Since ancient times, the island of Phaeacians, Corfu, is a bridge of cultures, people and tastes. A place known for its beauty, its values and its civilization.
The olive tree has been inhabited here for centuries offering its gifts. The truly impressive, age-old Corfiot olive grove is known since the 17th century.
There is so much more in Corfu than what meets the eye. It’s a place with a strong personality. You have to visit, to understand it. To let it talk to your eyes and your heart. To live it and savour it. The local cuisine is simply incredible, so delicious and rich, so healthy. Ιts foundation is the extra virgin olive oil produced exclusively here, on this island.
The microclimate, the sea breeze, the air from the hills, all work harmoniously in a “conspiracy” to produce this unique, fresh juice.
The roots of our family are directly tied to Corfu and are creatively combined with the roots of our olive groves. Producing a unique extra virgin olive oil was an inevitable demand for us. An urgent natural evolution, present in every drop of the best olive oil our land produces.“Olithea” is an authentic Corfiot extra virgin olive oil, made by Corfiots (and a Swiss) for all of you.
Meet Mr. Nikos Andriotis the proud co-founder of "Olithea"
"Thank you for the opportunity and honor to present to you “Olithea”, our
Premium certified high phenolic, organic extra virgin olive oil.  We are a Greek family business, involved in the cultivation, production and packaging of top quality, all natural olive juice."
What are the main characteristics of this product, why is so unique? 

High phenolic
"Our variety, our cultivation methods and our control on all phases, all year, gave us the privilege to exceed more than 3 times the EU limits of beneficial polyphenols (oleasin and oleokanthal) in our extra virgin olive oil.
And we proudly have the official HEALTH CLAIM (EU 432/2012) on every “Olithea” bottle, informing the consumer that 20 gr of our olive oil daily, “contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress”. This is certified yearly, by the Department of Pharmacy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece."

"We follow the strict principles of organic farming in all groves, supervised by agronomists specialized in the field and under the inspection of “DIO” Inspection and Certification Organization."

We believe that “the first buy of almost every product, is based on how it looks”. And, that a unique food like “Οlithea”, deserves an equally stylish and premium packaging, evoking rareness, quality and taste by appealing to as many senses as possible. This is why we offer our product in two gorgeous glass opaque bottles of 500 ml and 100 ml.

Can you please tell us a few more things about the "Lianolia" variety? 
"Οur variety, the famous “Lianolia”, is the starting point of everything. Lianolia chose to live and bare fruits only here. Native to Corfu, is a variety with dinstinct characteristics, setting it apart from any other Greek or foreign variety.
 Like all the inhabitants of our island, Lianolia is not an easygoing one. Nor convenient. You have to gain its trust. Then, and only then, it will unfold all its tasteful and aromatic qualities. Only then it will provide you with delicious natural juice from its fruits, so rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. And then, you know that it worth every effort, every care."
What about the "harvest" process you follow?
"For us it's important to pick the olives from each tree, just as mature as they need to be, to give us their very best juice. We are very careful not to injure the trees as we collect our olives and we hand-pick them, one by one. Only the best fruits will reach the olive mill as quickly as possible, to become Olithea extra virgin olive oil."
For more information visit www.olithea.gr

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