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Ages BIO EVOO Kyklopas
Ages Kyklopas BIO evoo
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Ages Kyklopas Organic High Phenolic EVOO Limited 500ml - Gift Box (16.90 Fl.Oz)

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Ages Kyklopas Organic High Phenolic EVOO Limited 500ml (16.90 Fl.Oz)

Region: Makri, Region of Evros, in the province of Thrace, Greece

Variety: PDO Makris, monocultivar, Organic 100%


Method: Handpicked

Producer: Kelidis Family

Organoleptic: Derived from an early harvest, AGES unveils a delightful complexity as a sweet extra virgin olive oil, adorned with nuanced notes reminiscent of ripe bananas, freshly cut grass, subtle hints of tomato, and the crispness of green apple. Its fruity essence captivates with its profound and intricate layers, offering an intensity that promises a singular tasting journey.

Complemented by a harmonious balance of pepper and spice, the distinctive amalgamation of flavors in AGES culminates in an unparalleled and memorable tasting experience.






Introducing Ages Kyklopas Organic, an extraordinary high phenolic extra virgin olive oil that embodies the essence of centuries-old olive groves thriving in an idyllic microclimate.

Nurtured through meticulous organic farming practices, adhering rigorously to stringent organic standards, this exceptional oil emerges from the revered monovarietal Makri olive, flourishing in the esteemed region of Makri, within the province of Thrace in the Region of Evros.

Elevating quality through an early harvest and cold-pressed methodology, every olive is handpicked from the groves, ensuring peak freshness and authenticity. Within an astounding 90 minutes of harvest, these olives undergo pressing, retaining unparalleled purity and flavor.

Embracing a limited production approach, each bottle encapsulates the epitome of excellence. With acidity levels consistently maintained at very low (<0.2%), this oil's aromatic profile is a symphony of banana peel, freshly cut grass, invigorating green apple, and the subtle tang of tomato.

Upon tasting, one experiences a harmonious blend of sweetness, green almond subtleties, the verdant essence of grass, and the tantalizing warmth of black pepper.

Exclusively available in fully opaque 500ml bottles, designed with precision flow control to preserve its immaculate qualities, Ages Kyklopas Organic is produced at the esteemed Kyklopas olive mill under the expert guidance of Argyris Kelidis, ensuring each drop reflects unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication.


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Weight 1.107 kg
Net weight 500 ml


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