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Cultura Ultra Premium Olive Oil 500ml (16.90 Fl.Oz)
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Cultura Ultra Premium Olive Oil 500ml (16.90 Fl.Oz)

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Cultura - Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

Type: Early Harverst, BIO, Most Awarded, High Phenolic, Health Claim

Origin: From Mountainous landscape of Arcadia, in Peloponnese, Greece

Variety: 100% Choraitiki (Olympia), monocultivar

Harvest: 2023/24

Method: Handpicked

Producer: Cultura Olive Oil 


Fruity Bitter Spicy 



Product Description

Our olive oil is produced from rain-fed olive trees of the unique ‘Choraitiki’ cultivar: local to our land, and exclusively found in the region of mountainous Arcadia.

The harvesting season starts around mid-October. We give special attention to the picking, so that the trees are not getting damaged and the olives are in good condition for the extraction of olive oil. Within 24 hours max. our crates have reached the mill. The green-ripe olives are getting extracted at under 27°C. This way we produce an olive oil with distinguishing aromas and flavours, rich in polyphenols, and other healthy nutrients.

The fresh olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks, continuously supplied with nitrogen gas. We run tests regularly to make sure the quality of our olive oil stays impeccable.
We are aiming high in every stage of production. From the grove to the fine Cultura olive oil bottle, we are devoted to high standards of professional practice. Our trusted collaborators are like-minded professionals

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BIO Certification

BIO - Organic Farming

BIO HELLAS, Inspection and Certification Body for oRGANIC pRODUCTS c.c: e-375367

Health Claim 

The Choraitiki cultivar, which is native to our land, brings out an extra virgin olive oil with high percentages of phenols. Moreover, the sophisticated methods we use in all stages of production ensure that our olive oil is ultra healthy and tasty.

Cultura Olive Oil has been analysed and found to contain up to 861 mg/kg of Total Biophenols (as tyrosol), according to the method HPLC, accepted by the International Olive Council. Most of the olive oils around the world present less than 150 mg/kg in polyphenol content.

Acidity 0,21 %
Peroxides 3,8 meqO2/kg
K232 1,911 %
K268 0,199 %
ΔΚ -0,006
Waxes 24 mg/kg
Total polyphenols 748 mg/kg
Other Information

Weight: 1.06 kg

Net weight: 500 ml

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