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Early harvest EVOO Ena Ena

Ena Ena Early Harvest EVOO - Ultra Superior Olympia 500 ml (16.90 Fl.Oz)

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Ena Ena - Early Harvest EVOO Ultra Superior Olympia 

Type: Early harverst, monocultivar, low acidity, most awarded, health claim

Origin:  Ancient Skiluntia at Olympia, Peloponnese, Greece

Variety: 100% Koroneiki

Harvest: 2023/24

Producer: Hellenic Fields (visit website)  

Harvest: Handpicked


Fruity BitterSpicy 




This Superior Quality EVOΟ obtained from olive trees, aged up to 200 years old, of famous Greek varieties, in the small mountain village Ancient Skiluntia at Olympia.

The olives are harvested in mid-October by hand, when they are green and unripe and are handled at low temperatures (<23oC) within 10 hours of harvest.

The result is an extra virgin olive oil, with low acidity, with vibrant green color and unique aromas of freshly cut grass, olive leaves and artichokes that indicate the early harvest of the unripe olive fruit. Its taste is dominated by notes of bitter almond and green pepper that give a pleasantly bitter taste and a long aftertaste of freshness.

It is highly beneficial to the health due to the high content in polyphenols. After the production, it is stored exclusively in cooled stainless-steel tanks, using nitrogen for optimal preservation of their quality characteristics. It is bottled by hand, with the addition of nitrogen.

Try it raw in cold dishes or add it to hot food, just before serving, to enjoy its amazing taste.

Ideal for dressing salad, dips, sauces, vinaigrette and marinades.


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