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Socrates Oil - Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic 500 ml (16.9 Fl.Oz)

Socrates Oil - Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic 500 ml (16.9 Fl.Oz)

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Socrates - Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic 500 ml

Type: Organic, Monocultivar, Most Awarded

Origin: Delphi (Fokida - Greece)

Variety: 100% Amfissis 

Harvest: 2023/24

Producer: Socrates Oil 


Fruity  Bitter Spicy   






About the product

Socrates is an organic extra virgin olive oil of superior quality from Delphi produced by the company Socrates Oil. It is a single variety of olive oil from olive trees of the Amfissa variety.

Fruity olive oil, with special aromas, mild taste, with rich characteristics, soft texture and intense green-yellow color.

Great with salads, seafood and on cooking. Try it raw on bread to feel its aromas and taste better. Add a few drops as a topping to your food.

In this traditional olive grove, we cultivate, with special love and care, our perennial trees, from which we produce the extra virgin olive oil “Socrates” as well as the olives of Amfissa “Socrates olives”.

Olive oil is stored in stainless tanks and in appropriate climatic condition until the day of bottling.

Rich in Polyphenols

Without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and taking every element they need from the microclimate of the region, our-due to be declared organic-olive trees offer us the highest quality in the products produced.

The harvest of the olives is done by hand in late autumn, when the olive fruit is green and begins to get a bright reddish-purple color. In this condition the olives give us the best olive oil with the maximum number of polyphenols. The pressing of the fruit is made on the same day in a modern two-phase oil mill and at a temperature of up to  25° C.

Other Information

Weight: 1.085 kg

Net Weight: 500 ml

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