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Thallon - Organic Early-harvest fresh olive oil 350ml (11.83 Fl.Oz)
Thallon high phenolic
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Thallon - Organic Early-harvest fresh olive oil 350ml (11.83 Fl.Oz)

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Organic Early-harvest fresh olive oil juice 350ml Thallon (11.83 Fl.Oz)

Type: Organic,, BIO, Monocultivar, Health Claim, High Phenolic

Origin: Psakoudia Chalkidikis, 

Variety: 100% Hondrolia

Harvest: October 2022

Producer: Thallon (Dimitris & Andreas Tsikouris) 


Fruity: Bitter:  Spicy:  





THALLON has an acidity of less than 0.3% (< 0,3) and therefore is classified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It has all the tasty features of the Hondrolia variety, that is, a rich fruity flavor with aromatic notes of grass, herbs, pepper, tomato and a balanced bitter and spicy flavor (please find the flavor profile here).

Recommended to be consumed in its raw form in the morning or as an accompaniment to salads, boiled or roasted vegetables and grilled meat.

THALLON is packed in light-proof, externally colored, glass bottles and in high quality metal packaging (see the relevant ISO 9001: 2015 certificate here and the declaration here), so that its nutrients and flavors remain unaltered. 

It complies with the standards of food hygiene and safety management of the International Standard ISO 22000 (please find the certificate here). Therefore, we are confident that the final product retains all its nutritional value.


Thallon production starts from the cultivation of our olive groves which is based on certified biological standards(see certificate here) . Thallon's special way of production begins with the careful management of cultivation.

The harvesting period is chosen in order to achieve the maximum concentration of polyphenols in the final product. Thus, the olives are collected unripe (green). Harvesting is entirely hand picked, so that the olive fruit is not injured. Then, the olive fruits pass through careful sorting, where leaves and inappropriate fruits are removed. Olive oil extraction takes place no later than 24 hours after the harvest.

The harvested olives are transported to the mill in perforated crates, where they are initially washed with drinking water and then olive oil extraction follows, which is done mechanically. We follow procedures that are applied in an exemplary and meticulous manner, aiming the production of high quality olive oil.


The olive oil extraction is done mechanically, without the addition of water, and at ambient temperature, i.e. from 20ºC to 27ºC, temperatures prevailing in September in Halkidiki, Greece. Then, the product is transported and stored in INOX tanks, suitable for storing food. Thus, the early harvest olive oil is stored at a constant and low temperature (15 ° C to 18 ° C) in the absence of oxygen, light and humidity until standardization and bottling.

At that point, we should note that it is stored in a single tank, from where all samples are sent for analysis, certifications, organoleptic tests and tasting competitions.

Health Benefits

Oleocanthal & Oleacein

THALLON is an olive oil with a very high content in two of the most important phenols – Oleocanthal and Oleacein.

Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. The Oleocanthal, Oleacein and derivatives complex, contained in olive oil with the above concentration, has protective properties for our health and a positive impact on the prevention of heart attacks, in the treatment of inflammation, while recent studies have shown that they are shielding the human body against Alzheimer's disease. Based on the analysis of the concentration of polyphenols in our olive oil, the beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system are ensured with the recommended daily intake of 20g of olive oil.



You may find more information on producer's website 

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